Reviews for Keurig Elite K45 Black Coffee Maker

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Great Coffee Maker!

Great Coffee Maker! It makes mornings nicer! Wonderful variety of flavors and easy to use, something to look forward to every day. Thanks!

By rita.gomes12 - Nov 19, 2013

Ordered online, when shipped I was missing a piece

I am happy with this coffee maker, I don't drink a lot of coffee, I drink more of lattes and teas. It does go through a lot of water would be the only downside to it. I think after 2 or 3 large drinks, we have to fill it. Also when this was shipped to me I was missing the filters, so I contacted online support and they told me it could be awhile to wait, I ended up purchasing my own filter, and finally did receive the filter a week after purchasing my own. I still would recommend the coffee maker though. Great value for the money!!

By kadyzmom on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013

Great Product!

The Keurig - It is a bit larger than anticipated so make sure you have about an 18 in diameter available on your counter, but it's easy to use. Just pick a good product to use with it.. I love Emeralds and Newman's Own coffees.

By HDBusy on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2013

I love it.

I always made instant coffee for myself at home. This was fine for me, but my guests would NOT drink instant coffee. So, I "joined the crowd" and bought the K45 Elite Brewer. I love it. One guest who adds a lot of half and half cream, said his coffee wasn't hot enough. I read online that others first quickly heat, in the microwave, the milk in the mug. Then the coffee is very HOT.

By CoffeeLover on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

Great coffee maker!

This is my second Keurig - the first was purchased 2 years ago for my home, and this one is for my office. I have had zero problems with these machines, and I love the coffee they produce. I especially love the flexibility that comes with making one cup at a time. Overall a great product!

By Kdetoro on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2013