Black & Decker Under Cabinet Space Maker ODC440B Coffee Maker

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Product Type: Coffee Maker

Features: Automatic Shutoff, Clock, Removable Water Reservoir

Color: Black

Coffee Maker Cups: 12


Product Title: Black & Decker Under Cabinet Space Maker ODC440B Coffee Maker

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Power Score: 1.6 | 33 Reviews

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Black & Decker Under Cabinet Space Maker ODC440B Coffee Maker

Strengths: Makes good coffee and stays hot

Weakness: poor quality, hard to install, poor design, and did not enjoy. Did not last.

I have always had B & D coffee makers, especially the under counter. They have always lasted for years, with little or no problems. But, this new design has been nothing but trouble since I took it out of the box. First, it was impossible to get apart to get it mounted. The bolts were too short, and had to call B & D to order them. Never could make a full pot of coffee, without getting water all...
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By anonymous; - Dec 10, 2011

worst coffee pot i have ever owened

Strengths: none that i know of

Weakness: it leaks when you fill it for delayeed brew

this is by far the biggest disappointment in a coffee pot that i have ever owned. i was so excited to get this coffee pot and less than 10 monthes later it has quit working and I even got the can opener to match......WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT...

By anonymous; - Nov 5, 2011

Black & Decker under the cabinet

Strengths: saves space

Weakness: leaks

This is the 3rd one I have had the first one was great and lasted a long time. The Second one didn't last so long but still was a good coffee pot. However the last one I bought still a Black & Decker from Kmart was terrible, it leaked, slow to brew and has now quit on us. They also changed the style and made it cheaper quality

By janetdf - Jun 6, 2011


Strengths: None

Weakness: All

This is possibly the worst coffee maker I have ever had! The electronics are cheap, its mounting system is horribly designed and is overall a really bad product. Go to coffeemakersmrcoffee.c... and buy mr coffee coffee makers, they actually work!

By anonymous; - May 17, 2011

Also Disappointed

Strengths: None

Weakness: The water would overflow prior to the rework, the warmer plant is now rusted due to the original issue that caused the recall, you can't use a permanet filter because the new design doesn't fit one.

I have always used the Back & Decker spacemaker products and I must say this is the wrose I have ever seen. I puchased two (one for tea and one for coffee). I had purchaed one of the back years ago (the brochure shows 91) and it worked great until 2 years ago and that is when I purchased these. No one contacted me about the recall, I phoned them. This is the wrose product Black & Decker has made,...
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By anonymous; - Mar 13, 2011

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