Black & Decker Infuze VB100 Coffee Maker

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Features: Clock

Product Type: Coffee Maker

Color: Other

Coffee Maker Cups: 10


Product Title: Black & Decker Infuze VB100 Coffee Maker

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Power Score: 3.5 | 2 Reviews

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Good Intro to Vacuum Brewing

Strengths: Good Visual Effects and Good Tasting Coffee

Weakness: Difficult to keep clean, no replacement filter available

This was my first VacPot. I bought this particular one because it was the highest rated one by American Test Kitchens. It has since been discontinued by Black and Decker, so getting any replacement parts will be unlikely. The light blue plastic funnel is very difficult to keep clean. I normally just wipe after each use with a dry paper towel, then every several weeks, I would clean it with a...
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By hsnow73 - Oct 19, 2005

Infuze is the best bet for a great brew every time.

Strengths: Terrific quality brew. Reusable mesh filter. Highly entertaining to watch.

Weakness: Can be unwieldy and inconvenient to clean. Not appropriate for single-cup brews.

Plastic construction is of uncertain quality, and the grinds container is flimsy when warm from brewing, so I recommend that one let it cool a few minutes after brewing before removing it. Accompanying scoop is only 1-1/2 tbsp. rather than the traditional 2. Result is very nuanced coffee. It appears to be thicker than drip coffee, and has the texture of a heavy wine in the mouth. Overall, very...
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By anonymous; - Oct 1, 2005

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