Krups Fast Touch 203-42 Coffee Grinder

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Krups 203-42 Fast Touch blade grinder with black decor. Quickly grinds coffee and other items. Simply tap the grinding button to achieve desired grind fineness.

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Color: Black


Product Title: Krups Fast Touch 203-42 Coffee Grinder

Manufacturer: Krups

Lowest Price: $25.66 from Quill

Power Score: 4.8 | 19 Reviews

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A little loud, but great!

Strengths: Fast, thorough, easy to use and clean, fairly inexpensive even for a Krups product.

Weakness: Noisy, especially if you allow it to sit on the counter while grinding (I hold it to shake and keep an even grind).

- I have bought a total of three of these: One I've used at home for over 12 years, and it's still humming! The internal blades are still sharp enough to do their grinding, and it's used at least twice a day. I grind in this grinder for at least 30 seconds to maximize the flavor output, and actually use fewer beans for a stronger flavor. I had a 'coffee snob' (I don't consider myself one) tell me...
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By mikefunk - Jul 31, 2008

Handy little device...

Strengths: Easy to use and clean

Weakness: More addictive to coffee than ever!

Love this little guy! For the longest time, my husband and I always used pre-ground coffee bought from the store. After purchasing this and grinding our own fresh for the first time, what a difference. Will never to back to buying pre-ground again. Much ease using this product and no problems with it.

By tisabird - Jan 11, 2008

Works great. I highly recommend

Strengths: Simple to use. Simple to clean. Safe to use. (Doesn't work with out the lid fully on.) Powerfull

Weakness: Grind area isn't water proof. Not a big deal. just need to make sure you "fill it and dump the water" a few times to clean.

This grinder works great. I now grind fresh coffee every morning. It's quick and thorough. I'm looking forward to grinding fresh herbs in this as well.
Krup's did well with this one.

By t69drummer - Dec 17, 2007

Krups Coffee Grinder

Strengths: decent design. strong motor

Weakness: unremovable blade

it's very sleek and fast to grind coffee because of strong motor.
it has decent modern style design.

however, it's hard to clean up since it doesn't allow to remove blade. you need a brush to remove whole residue when you change coffee type.

By morphology - Nov 18, 2007

Great Grinder

Strengths: powerfull, fast, small footprint

Weakness: hard to clean, only can grind small volumes

I have been using this grinder for about a week now and have ground coffee with it multipal times. So far it has proved its self to be a great grinder quickly grinding the coffee in a matter of seconds. The downside to it though is that its size means it can only grind a limited number of beans at once and that it is hard to clean. On a plus note though the size makes it convinent to store in a...
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By messkit - Nov 15, 2007

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