Whirlpool LRF4001RY Fabric Steamer

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Removes odors, relaxes wrinkles and dries delicate in an eco-friendly manner. The Whirlpool Fabric Freshener saves money and the constant inconvenience of dry cleaning, paying for itself in only a matter of time. This simple and easy-to-use product can stand in the corner of a room, be neatly stored under a bed, and can even become portable for the on-the-go business traveler.

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Iron Type: clothes iron


Product Title: Whirlpool LRF4001RY Fabric Steamer

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

Power Score: 2.2 | 4 Reviews

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Does what you'd expect

Strengths: Convenient, compact, easy to use

Weakness: Only takes two garments at a time

I've been using this for about a week. It's a handy enough device, which basically throws up some steam in a fan cycle and spruces up clothes. It helps wrinkles fall out a bit, but it's never going to replace either an iron or the dry cleaner. That said, it definitely helps squeeze in a few extra times to wear the clothes between professional cleanings. First one I got was defective out of the...
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By kgwatson - Sep 26, 2007

fabric freshener

Strengths: it definitely made my sweater smell fresh and clean but not with a scent... easy to use, easy to set up, easy to store

Weakness: not great on wrinkles but I didn't use the weights and possibly should have...

I won this product and love it. I don't know if I would go out to buy it but it seems perfect for people who have lots of dry cleaning to do... in fact, now that I have it, I will by more dry cleaning articles again...

By bascombe2 - Jul 20, 2007

not impressed

Strengths: closes up into small unit

Weakness: not very effective

I ran the unit twice in a row with the same two shirts in it, but didn't see much of a difference. The shirts still neede to be ironed.

By cupcake_lynn - Apr 27, 2007

What a bust

Strengths: none

Weakness: everything

This item just does not work!!!! I spend less time getting the iron out. Does not get one wrinkle out of anything!!!! By the time you get it out, set it up and wait 30 minutes or so and then it comes out still wrinkled so you have to get the iron out you have wasted time. Really just get the iron out.

By anonymous; - Jul 6, 2006

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