Singer Expert Finish Steam Iron

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The SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron is a fully featured 1700 Watt iron that delivers expert garment care. It's lighted precision digital-display temperature control ensures the right heat for the right fabric, every time and alerts you when the desired setting has been reached with the perfect amount of steam for different fabrics. The steam is distributed evenly, ensuring fast, efficient ironing and outstanding performance. Innovative steam features help battle stubborn wrinkles: an improved steam outlet pattern, steam in the vertical or horizontal position, burst of steam button, and variable steam temperature from cool to hot. A brushed stainless steel soleplate offers effortless glide and the iron is self-cleaning with a anti-calc for long product life.

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Iron Type: clothes iron


Product Title: Singer Expert Finish Steam Iron

Manufacturer: Singer

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Power Score: 4.7 | 13 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

The variable steam works well.

It heats up very fast, faster than any iron I have previously used. Yes, the filling of the reservoir was challenging at first. It does not require refilling as often as my previous iron. I use an old bottle from dishwashing liquid instead of the cup that comes with it. I like the variable steam which is easy to change while ironing.

By ellen on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2013

Very good iron, fair price

I had purchased the same iron on Amazon a week ago and then, my mother who is not at all Internet savvy wanted it, too. However, the price for the same iron in physical stores like Walmart was around $75-$80, while I only paid $50 for it on Amazon. So, I gave this iron to her and had to buy another one for myself. However, one week later, the same iron now increased $13 in price. This is how I...
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By Clovis on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

keeping box/receipt just in case

Irons well. Blasts through wrinkles effortlessly. However, it makes a loud pop sound at times which is disconcerting. I will hold onto the box and receipt just in case.

By sabbasmas on Home Depot - Oct 23, 2012

Nice Iron

I will say that overall I do like the iron. It beeps a lot. The documentation mentions that it beeps when it comes to temp. It doesn't specify that it does this continually as you iron because the iron cycles the heat cycle as it cools. So every 30 sec to a minute you get a beep. It's a little annoying, especially if you are a batch ironer. Luckily the beep is not terribily loud.

By KathL on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012

The Perfect Iron for your bucks

This Iron is an excellent bang for your bucks, plenty of watts to get the tough wrinkles out your jeans, plenty of steam and an excellent glide across your materials. The controls were simple to understand and it has all the latest features to make it safe even when you forget to shut it off, which my wife seems to alway do. I'm a research nut and this iron was a Consumer Reports Best Buy...
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By rowebb on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

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