Rowenta IS8100 Commercial Garment Steamer

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Iron Type: garment steamer


Product Title: Rowenta IS8100 Commercial Garment Steamer

Manufacturer: Rowenta

Power Score: 3.5 | 7 Reviews

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weak glue joints

Strengths: name

Weakness: poor quality

The nozzle came apart at the glue seam and it has been hard to find a replacement nozzle. No glue seems to hold. It seemed to work well when it wasn't broken.

By rotnscots - Oct 24, 2009

Rowent Steamer

Strengths: Pwerful, steaming time - 2.5 hours, mobile ( not really portable )

Weakness: Price. Not for everything in your closet though

My wife got this for curtains but used for clothes as well. On a first few days she enjoyed, but after awhile get back to iron since it is a good, but it is not a silver bullet if you think so. Works fine, even though it is way expensive. Mobile enough to use wheels, but not very portable to take care anywhere. Pretty light, and time for steaming is good. Faster than ironing, but not all clothes...
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By IP68 - Jul 20, 2008

Rowenta IS8100 Steamer

Strengths: Much faster than ironing

Weakness: Doesn't replace an iron for heavy fabrics

My wife bought this steamer to cut down on her ironing time. I thought it was an overpriced gimmick, but she has been very happy with it. It removes wrinkles easily and quickly on most fabrics. It works best on lighter fabrics. It heats up quickly and has a large water tank. This steamer does not replace an iron for heavy fabrics such as jeans. It also cannot be used to press creases in clothes....
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By tja57 - Jun 15, 2008

Great until it breaks

Strengths: Everything they state

Weakness: hose tears

I bought one and used it a while until the screw lid on the resevoir would no longer fit (too loose). I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought another one. After using it a while, the hose is now almost completely torn near the steam head. I've spent over $300 now and don't have anything to show for it any longer. It's no longer under warranty and they don't make it easy to communicate with...
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By anonymous; - May 7, 2008

It is not just for clothes

Strengths: Well Built, High Quality, Well Known Brand

Weakness: Bulky, Expensive

We bought this mainly to help release wrinkle on dress shirts before ironing them. It works well. This unit takes no time to build up steam. We also use it to steam pillows, mattresses and couches. It works very well. The only thing that I can think of to improve it is to reduce the size and height of the product so it would be easier to store it.

By cooljop - Jan 8, 2008

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