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Big and Effective Dryer for the Price

Strengths: Very big volume. Drys fast compared to some other dryers.

Weakness: The time count-down stops working after pausing-resuming. Noiser than I expected.

I paused the dryer to grab some delicate items out when it shows 10 minutes remaining. Then I closed the door and pressed start . The timer continues showing 10 for the next 10 minutes or so. Aparently there're some problems with the pausing and resuming.

The product description has something about "Ultraquiet dry noise reduction system", but it doesn't sound much quiter than other dryers I used.

Other than these, it's a great dryer for the price.

By robbietech - Dec 28, 2007

Great companion to the WTW6600 Washer

Strengths: Dries clothes fast, ease of operation, appearance/glass door

Weakness: A stainless steel drum would have been nice to go along with the matching WTW6600 washer. "Cancel" button too close to "Start/Pause" button.

I purchased this dryer along with the matching Cabrio washer model WTW6600 and am very pleased with it. The drying time seems to be cut in half from my old whirlpool and with the large interior, I can dry more clothes now. Quality and ease of operation makes this stand out, however, I wish Whirlpool had given it a stainless steel interior drum to go along with the washer. LG features a stainless steel drum on theirs as does other makers, not sure why Whirlpool didn't follow the trend. No complaints though, as the price was next to cost and they fit perfectly in my laundry area. One other thing that I have noticed is the "cancel" button is rather close to the "start" button and I have caught myself pushing cancel when I have meant to hit start, but that is mainly user error. The glass door is a nice touch too. A nice bonus included was a free shoe rack via mail-order certificate found inside the instructions!

By Kinsella5 - Jun 4, 2007

Whirlpool Cabrio wed6400sw

Strengths: Drying time, sturdy machine, hopefully the durability, size of loads.

Weakness: It would be nice to be able to raise machine like other models, door is not able change sides.

Nice machine, got a great deal so it made the purchase even better. I would definitely recommend dryer as long as you have Cabrio washer. The best thing about this unit is the 30-40 minute dry time on large loads...great for big families.

By yjgroth - Apr 9, 2007

Do Not buy this product!

Strengths: None

Weakness: Heating Element went out after 3 weeks!

Whirlpool would not replace this product - they were only willing to repair. This is my second weekend without a dryer and with a family this is not good. Call me crazy but I think a heating element on a dryer should last more than 3 weeks!

By parkermom - Sep 27, 2010

Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer

Strengths: customization of cycles, dry time (when it works), capacity

Weakness: So high tech, very prone to fault codes.

Okay, I've had this machine 5 months now. About 3 months in (of course past the 90 day return warranty) I start getting the "AF" (airflow) code. So I climbed up into the attic, disassembled the vent, checked (was pretty clean) and reassembled. Started using it and sure enough code started to reappear. So must be me right? I installed an inline Fantech booster ( thinking well even if it doesn't work, will be good for the system.

Code reappeared. Called service and yech came out and of course tried to tell me it MUST be my vent. Right. I told him to pull the vent off and even he could feel the airflow even with the dryer off! So since he couldn't duplicate it he said call again if it comes back. Like it wouldn't? He didn't do anything, so of course it reappears and the wife is fit to be tied. Hates this thing.

One more service call and the guy comes out in two days. He better have the answer that it's fixed or it's being replaced. Those are the only two correct answers.

If you're thining about buying it, don't. If you have, I'm sorry. wait til they get the kinks out of the software. Do a search on the internet. You'll see PLENTY of posts about this particular issue.

By navywings - Apr 8, 2008

Cabrio dryers are not reliable or worth the money spent!!

Strengths: Haven't seen any strengths.

Weakness: Do not dry thoroughly and the sensor constantly goes out.

I bought my Cabrio dryer brand new in June 2010. Since then, I have had to replace the sensor about 5 times. The dryer does not dry at the preset time and settings therefore requiring multiple cycles to dry one load. Also, at times when it does not dry at the preset time or settings, it will repeat the cycle on its own adding 40-45 minutes at a time to the cycle. I started noticing this about 3 or 4 months ago which I thought was weird. I do NOT recommend Cabrio dryers to anyone. They are not worth the money spent on them or the aggravation spent trying to get them fixed. Believe me, if I had the money, I'd get another dryer.

By LeslieEasterlin498 - Dec 21, 2012

Do not buy this dryer!

Strengths: large capacity

Weakness: continuous AF code

worked one day and then all fo the sudden AF appeared and now the clothes scortch and wont dry all the way--afraid of fire hazard-bought second hand so no warranty---repairs are expensive so guess we will be dryer shopping!

By NataliePatierno14 - Jul 3, 2012

Horrible product

Strengths: none

Weakness: cant dry clothes at all.

I bought this dryer to conserve energy but I use more because i have to dry the clothes 5 times. the AF code keeps appearing even though the vents and lint screen is clear. its very frustating.

By greBrown - Apr 10, 2011

Drum not turning

Strengths: Water savings

Weakness: Bulky

After 8 month of regular household normal used, the drum stop turning, I could feel the machine producing heat and vapor, but the clothes did not tumble.
Factory was called and will send a tech in a couple of days, customer service repair personal very professional and helpful.

By anonymous; - Apr 30, 2010

Cabrio Dryer error message code F1

Strengths: Quiet, dries all my cloths.

Weakness: none

Is anyone getting this F1 error message on Cabrio Dryer? My washer is fine. It seems people out there are getting the error message more on their washers than on the dryer.

By anonymous; - Mar 29, 2010


Strengths: SPACIOUS



By baldie49 - Dec 27, 2009

Heating element problems

Strengths: works well when not broken

Weakness: Expensive to repair

After 18 months the heating element went bad. Not only does this part cost 3X more than a regular element but it is back ordered for at least 2 weeks.

By billfromproduce - Sep 13, 2009

This is a good choice

Strengths: Large capacity, Drying time is faster than most electric dryers.

Weakness: Presets do not always get clothes dry. The sensor will say that it is dry when clothes are actually damp.

So far this has been a good choice. Purchased this at a very good price. The large capacity is a bonus. So far the only criticism is that the preset settings sometimes do not allow for change and do not always get the clothes completely dry. The sensor is supposed to "sense" dryness, but the clothes are sometimes still damp

By adjaeger - Apr 10, 2008


Strengths: Different dry cycles, large capacity

Weakness: Large towel loads don't dry, even on heavy duty cycle

I sometimes have to run towel loads two and three times on heavy duty cycle to get them dry and sometimes they smell "mildewy" afterward

Also beware: Also the measurements we made in the showroom match my prior dryer, when it was installed, we discovered it has a large ventilation system that protrudes from the back of the dryer which our other dryer did not. As a result, the dryer doesn't fit in our small laundry room and we cannot close the door between our laundry room and the garge. You cannot see this vent in the showroom.

By anonymous; - Dec 19, 2007