LG DLE5955W Electric Dryer

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Intelligent Electronic Controls with Dual LED Display and Dial-A-Cycle. Intuitive controls allow you to 'set it and go'. You can also save your favorite dry cycle by pressing Custom Program. You'll have optimized drying performance with the push of a button. FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator - Detects lint build-up and decreased airflow in the duct system and signals that the duct should be cleaned. Stackable or Side by Side? -Your Choice. Less space? Try stacking the washer and dryer. More space? Place them side by side or under a counter. Don't want to bend down so far to load or unload clothing? Add their tall drawer pedestals. They're also a great place to store laundry products.

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Dryer Type: front loading

Drying Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft


Product Title: LG DLE5955W Electric Dryer

Manufacturer: LG

Power Score: 4.2 | 8 Reviews

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Nice quiet dryer with a very large capacity

Strengths: Large capacity, very quiet, easy to use menu

Weakness: None!

I have been very impressed with this LG 7.3 Cu Ft Electric Dryer. It features a simple menu that consists of a big dial (with lights) and three buttons for optional features. It features 9 cycles, however I really only use the "Normal" cycle to do my everyday laundry. The dryer runs quietly with almost no sound heard in the next room (laundry door closed of course). At the end of the cycle, a...
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By silly129 - Aug 26, 2008

After 6 months, they unit needed a major repair

I am so disappointed in this dryer! After 2 weeks, the flow sensor said that it was completely clogged. I checked and there was nothing blocking the flow. Even when the service man ran the dryer with out any attachment, it still showed blocked. The service man never figured it out. It started to take a long time for the clothes to dry. For example, it took 2 hours for 6 towels to dry but they...
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By Red5 on Home Depot - Aug 3, 2008

Great Washer

Strengths: Really clean clothes! Quiet! Senses load size & uses appropriate amount of water

Weakness: Moisture in rubber lining

This is my first front front loading washer. It is great. It holds lots of laundry, and cleans well. Takes a lot less water than a traditional washer. Would recommend to anyone needing a new washer. LG makes great products.

By akm099 - Jul 19, 2008

Loving my LG dryer!

Strengths: Dries quietly, quickly, automatic sensor turns dryer off when clothes are dry, easy to use

Weakness: None so far

I love this dryer. Granted, I've had it for 2 weeks and probably am still in the honeymoon phase. I couldn't be happier with how it runs. Loads often take less than 30 minutes to dry; my largest load took 40 minutes to dry (blanket, sheets, and a towel). I would highly recommend this dryer!! I was advised not to use dryer sheets with this as it will make the automatic sensor deteriorate (I love...
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By jwallen222 - Jul 13, 2008

Works well, dries fast, plays a cute tune when done

Strengths: Easy to use controls and displays.

Weakness: Needs to be on a pedestal but the pedestals that match it are too expensive.

The dryer really is nice and easy to use. But then, most dryer's are not too complicated either. The only trouble I've had so far was trying to dry a large comforter. I had hoped the sensor on the dryer would work better than on my old, only 5 years old, dryer. The blanket gets balled up and the outer edges get dry so the dryer thinks it's done. But when the comforter is removed, it is still wet...
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By deflecto - Mar 30, 2008

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