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works well

This dryer works very well and seems to be more efficient than my previous dryer. The controls are easily understood and provide basic functions which is exactly what I wanted.

By kenten on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2012

Great Dryer

Drying time is half of what old Dryer was, clothes come out wrinkle free. Only good things to say.

By Imapapa on Home Depot - Jan 20, 2012

Washer and dryer purchased as stacked unit.

Very nice!! Easy to operate; dries clothes fast even on the low cycle; operates very quietly; and is very convenient when stacked on the washer. The light inside really is helpful making sure all clothes are removed. Great filter system.

By Chief on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2012

Don't do it

Wish I had checked the reviews. Owned just over a year and the washer went out. About 2 months ago the drum stopped and lock would not disengage. Price of repair dictated purchase of new washer. Today the dryer heating element died. Reading reviews, not even gonna bother. Headed to the dump and then to Lowe's.

By Donbarzini on Home Depot - Dec 30, 2011

Nice dryer

Easy to operate. Has all the needed settings. Simple, no uncessary extras. Does what it says it will do. Quiet.

By JFBF on Home Depot - Dec 26, 2011

Poor quality of heating element

I have had this dryer less than two years and the 2nd heating element just went out. Instead of repairing this again and pooring more money into it I am shopping for another brand of better quality.

By Slugger on Home Depot - Dec 2, 2011

Buy an extended warranty, you'll need it

Bought this and the companion washer in the TW model.. Just after the warranty ran out, the door lock on the washer broke. That cost $250 to fix. Then, less than 2 years after purchasing, the heat element died. It will cost $431 to fix! We could almost buy a new one for that cost! If anything else goes wrong, we will dump both washer and dryer at a junkyard and buy a new set. I did love both until parts started breaking.

By jmbnpa on Home Depot - Sep 8, 2011


I have the washer & dryer. I have only had them 2 years and they have both been broken twice! The dryer just went out again. It won't heat. Our last washer & dryer last 15 years. This is the worst washer/dryer I have ever owned!

By wetclothes on Home Depot - May 8, 2011

Buy the extended warranty

I am single and barely used this dryer. The relay board went bad. The part is almost $200 plus at least $140 labor. It went bad a few months after the standard 1 year warranty expired. Amana/Whirlpool was not willing to do anything about it. The extended warranty they offer is a minimum 3 years!

By Customer2500 on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2011

Quick Drying

I paid 350 for this dryer during Black Friday 2010. I can't be happier with it. It dries a load in just over 30 minutes... sometimes shorter on smaller loads.

By sacornel on Home Depot - Mar 12, 2011

Amana Front Load Dryer

We purchased an Amana Washer and Dryer in May of 2009. The warranty was for one year, but we assumed that if we were paying $550.00 for each of the units, that they would be of top quality. Right? Wrong!! After 20 months of service, the heating element in the dryer went out. We had an Amana service company look at it, and were told it would cost $430.00 to fix it. What a rip off! We declined and they charged us a $60.00 service call and left the unit in pieces on my floor. I took the heating element to a parts distributor, and while most elements ran about $60.00, this one was $147.00. You should see it, it is a cheap metal coiled spring on a backing plate. Meanwhile, I contacted Amana by phone and immediatly realized they could care less. My last dryer was a Whirlpool ($270.00) and it was still working after 15 years with no repair costs. I don not excessively use my appliances, but expect reliability. I recommend avoiding Amana Appliances.

By Tatters10 on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2011

Great dryer

this is an easy dryer to use,and every time I have pulled my clothes out of it they have always been dry,even my towels.its holds a lot of clothes and is easy to use.very useful!

By ztak on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2011

Maytag Dryer 6.7 cu. ft. Super Capacity Electric D

While the dryer itself is wonderful (so says my daughter for whom the product was a gift), since it is a newer model than the washing machine which was purchased less than 2 years ago, YOU CANNOT STACK THE OLDER WASHING MACHINE AND THE NEWER DRYER! THESE MACHINES ARE BY THE SAME MAUFACTURER! How sad is that? Not everyone can afford to purchase both pieces at the same time. I decry such poor service from Maytag, the manufacturer.

By grandmotherzealot on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2011

good machine - low price

Easy simple to use - no complex settings and programs to learn. Somewhat louder than some I have seen. Buttons are very sensitive, I have activated when brushing by, but start requires you to hold a couple of seconds so no false start problems

By elamac on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Super Capacity Electric Dryer

This dryer is super efficient and quiet. I never thought of a dryer being a computer but this one is super smart. It knows when the clothes are dry and shuts off automatically. Great price! I bought both the washer and dryer. Easy to install and stack. I am happy with this purchase and only wish I had bought it months ago.

By Scribby on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Great dryer

My old dryer took almost 2 hours to dry a load of clothes. My new Amana took only 40 minutes to dry a full load of Towels. A lot of that is due to it's mate washer(NFW7300WW ) that spins everything so fast that the clothes are only damp when they come out. Great Combo and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a good quality front load washer and dryer at great price.

By spsjjs on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Amana Dryer

I love this Dryer! I had bought a dryer from a scratch and dent resale place, but it quit after a year, so I had to throw it out. Before getting my new dryer, I had been hanging my clothes to dry for a year! I didn't want to spend any money, but with Home Depot's six months with no interest, I will be able to pay it off with my tax check. My dryer is very easy to operate settings. It drys the average load in twenty to thirty minutes. Super fast!!! Very durable and high quality machine! I have never had any problems with it. Super quiet!! I love Home depots pay in six months special with no intrest. I have a small utility closet and it fits just right, with the stackable option. I love it so much, I just wanted to watch it work at first. This is my first new washer and dryer set. It was a great deal, high quality and friendly service that was right on schedule. Thanks Home Depot-Great Job!!!

By hartof77 on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011


Easy to operate, efficient and low noise.

By Maroon on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Mixed bag

I bought the earlier version of this Amana washer / dryer set just over two years ago. I like the capacity, sensory dry options, and the fact that it has a nice set of features without being gadgety. BUT... just over two years later I find myself with a load of wet laundry. The dryer motor has failed just out of warranty, and about ten years before it should. This pair is attractively priced, but add another $200 in your budget to account for the imminent repairs. Boo. Hiss.

By DisgruntledLaunderer on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2011

Good deal on a dryer

I purchased this dryer, along with the matching washer, with Home Depot's Black Friday sales deals, so I got a great price on the pair. This dryer, while not super capacity, does a good job. Sometimes the normal setting is not enough for an item such as a sleeping blanket, or comforter, but overall the dryer is very quiet and efficient and the controls are easy to use. The lint tray is also convenient. I highly recommend this dryer and its matching washer.

By SGM1961 on Home Depot - Dec 24, 2010

Also bought matching washer!

I really love this dryer..clothes dry in a short time, and it has a senser that knows when they are dry, and shuts off. I just received yesterday, and have already given it quite a workout! Well made, and the sale price was awesome...although would gladly pay full price for this quality! Bought both the washer and dryer on sale..truly great buy!

By ndoles on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2010

Great Value

Good looking great size and very efficient. Home depot did a great job scheduling and delivering the product. Amana is same as whirlpool so great for first time home buyers.

By Hasib on Home Depot - Dec 13, 2010

Amana dryer

Bought this on sale and am pleased with the value for the money. It is attractive, and dries efficiently ( helped by having dryer ducts cleaned out too!) There are plenty of choices of dryer cycles for my needs, and clothes come out wrinkle free. It runs quietly. I would definitely recommend this dryer and the coordinating washer. Both are a decent capacity size. They can handle large enough loads for my needs.

By janiemags on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010


What can I say. Dries the clothes very good. Time will tell on dependibilty but so far runs great

By GWF56 on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010

excellent choice

we had replaced our washer and drier a few yeas ago but with top loading models like we had always had. they were noisy and used a lot of energy so we decided to make a change. this particular model was energy star rated so it cost less to operate in terms of both water and electricity. it will blow you away how quite it is we never could have imagined owning a washer that you could not hear. had one very minor hiccup and that was the connection. the connection at our end was an older style and the one on the washer was different from any washer we had owned previously so we had a repairman come out and make the needed changes. overall we could not be more pleased with the washer. for once we have something that exceeds our expectations.

By ncolorado on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010

Awesome product

Found all the reviews helpful, especially the one about not leaving items in pockets when preparing to wash, two other things to keep in mind though, Although the dryer has a reversible door (which is fabulous considering the door had to swing right to left to fit my design, the washer does not have a reversible door, thankfully swinging the way i needed it to (I wanted them stacked). Also, these appliances are 5.5 inches deeper than your average washer, I almost missed that when preparing to purchase as they werent going to work where I originally intended to put them (they would interfere with the door opening)

By TLJohn on Home Depot - Nov 28, 2010

Dryer issue

My heating element went out 1 month after the 1 year warranty ended. That is the only problem so far. I would recommend getting the extended warranty if you purchase this dryer. The cost of the element alone is more than the extended warranty and you won't cut up your hands like I did replacing the element.

By on Home Depot - Nov 20, 2010

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