Hampton Bay 54 In. White Remote & High Efficiency Ceiling Fan 46056

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Ceiling Fan Blade Span: 46-55 inches


Product Title: Hampton Bay 54 In. White Remote & High Efficiency Ceiling Fan 46056

Manufacturer: Hampton Bay

Power Score: 4.8 | 16 Reviews

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Great fan

Easy to install and quiet as a mouse. Love it.

By MPSC on Home Depot - Apr 29, 2009

We love these fans!

When we bought our house every room had a fan like this except the living room. We love the fans so much we are adding one to the living room! The remotes are durable and don't run down the batteries. The high level on the fans is quite strong and cool very well.

By NawlinsMom on Home Depot - Apr 15, 2009

Windward II fan is great

We bought this fan 5 years ago for our living room, it has worked flawlessly for the entire period and it is still the best ceiling fan we have ever had. I have not had to replace a light bulb or batteries, it is on almost all the time unless the power is out (hurricanes)...I have recommended it to a friend & she has the same opinion of the fan. I did not know it was still available and just...
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By mbln74a on Home Depot - Mar 29, 2009

Quite easily the finest fan ever!

A super product, beautiful, great quality, not too complicated that a homeowner can't install it.... Very elegant with clean lines and subtle white color, alabaster dome covers soft eco-friendly bulbs that, like the fan itself, work off of the remote. Both fan and light can be set to auto and delay which make this fan convenient and really fun, especially for the men in the family!

By Sdstrbr on Home Depot - Sep 29, 2008

"Awesome Purchase"

I first found out about this fan through a family member. I could not believe how great a fan could be. I immediately purchased one for my bedroom, and have now added one is each room of my new home. Yes, it is pricey for a fan, but well worth the money. I have lived in Florida all of my life. You can't go a day without it. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a fan. You will not...
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By Michie on Home Depot - Aug 20, 2007

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