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Excellent product

Strengths: Highly functional and versatile. Good quality and great looks.

Weakness: Weight and portability.

This is probably as close you can get to a commercial grade product without having to spend thousands of dollars. It delivers ice, cold water and crushed ice all in one convenient unit. Extremely useful when entertaining more than a handful of guests. The appearance of the unit is top grade in general. The crushed ice dispensing is slightly noisy but not prohibitively so. When using a water bottle, you may have to shake it slightly to make any vacuum pressure gets dislodged and water can flow into the unit. I would say that I am more than happy with it.

By Buckeyedo - Mar 7, 2008

No Sno

Strengths: Great concept - Poor design and execution.

Weakness: Won't fill with water.

We had two machines sent to us. Neither would fill with water. We never saw any results because the machine would not fill with water. In the end the only resolve was to ship it back and get a full refund.

By anonymous; - May 21, 2007

Best Portable Ice Maker

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By - Sep 7, 2010