Victorinox Bamix Superbox M150 Immersion Blender


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Hand blend fresh ingredients with ease with this immersion blender from the Bamix Superbox 150 line. Made from high carbon stainless steel, the blades are durable and long lasting. The immersion blender comes with four blades, a stand, processor, and a beaker, and it functions as several appliances in one, including a blender, food processor, and mixer. Whisper quiet during use, it has an airtight construction that allows liquid immersion past the neck for larger capacity jobs. Featuring two speed settings for every task, it includes a multi-purpose blade, a beater, a meat blade, and a whisk. The multi-purpose blade chops, shreds, blends, and stirs, including frozen food and ice cubes. The meat blade quickly chops and minces small quantities of rawand cooked meat or fish. The beater beats, aerates and froths, for sauces, espuma, and meringue. The whisk is great for salad dressings, omelets, puddings, and batters because it stirs, purees, and emulsifies. Backed by a manufacturer's three year warranty on the motor, it has 150 watts of power.16-1/10“ L x 15-3/10" W x 6-1/10" H


Product Title: Victorinox Bamix Superbox M150 Immersion Blender

Manufacturer: Victorinox

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