Ninja Master Prep Kitchen System Pulse 700 Watt Stand Blender

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Imagine what you'll make with this Ninja System Pulse. Powerfully equipped with a 700W motor and loads of accessories, it performs the duties of a blender, juicer, food processor, mixer, and more, saving you both time and counter space. You'll find it an addition to your kitchen and inspiring for your healthy lifestyle. Put the power in the palm of your hand. Ninja Pulse Technology lets you control the consistency, evenly processing and blending ingredients every time. Making shakes, smoothies, and frozen drinks? Its six-blade, 48-oz pitcher pulverizes and purees whole fruits and vegetables and ice to perfection. And, if you just need to make single servings, the blending cups are sized right to meet your needs. For food processing tasks, turn to the 40-oz bowl. With Quad Blade Technology and the included attachment for shredding and slicing, it makes easy work of preparing salsa, chopping vegetables, shredding cheese, and more.

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Jar Capacity: 48 oz


Product Title: Ninja Master Prep Kitchen System Pulse 700 Watt Stand Blender

Manufacturer: Ninja Master Prep

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