Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender


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Cuisinart makes it quick, clean, and easy to blend, prep and whip a variety of ingredients. Our SmartStick® Hand Blender includes Whisk and Chopper attachments to extend this blender's performance. Blends or whips right in the bowl, pitcher or pot, to eliminate extra dishes, and with the Chopper attached, it turns into a handy mini food prep tool. The look is commercial, the performance is professional, and the ease of use is pure Cuisinart.

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Jar Capacity: 16 oz


Product Title: Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender

Manufacturer: Cuisinart

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Power Score: 4.8 | 6 Reviews

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Good Kitchen Buddy

Strengths: Stainless steel outlook, sleek chopper attachment

Weakness: Single speed operation

Bought this blender after my previous plastic one gave up. Paid a bit more for this one since I wanted to have a stainless steel blender so that it would last longer(?). No worries of the plastic blending head breakage. Also we can use this one to blend the hot soup right on the stove - thanks to the stainless steel construction. The chopper attachment is a sleek attachment for small...
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By kitchengeek123 - Nov 8, 2008

Convenient hand blender

Strengths: Convenient, looks sleek, easy to use and change attachments.

Weakness: Plastic gasket.

This is a pretty good hand blender to have. I can blend crushed tomatoes right in the pot to make marinara sauce, or make smoothies without having so much to wash up afterwards. The chopper works well too - for onions, garlic, nuts. Only problem is that the gasket (?) - where the top and bottom parts attach, is made of plastic and it seems to be wearing down after 2 months' use (about once a...
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By crys1s - Aug 27, 2008

cuisinart smart stick

Strengths: portable, compact, easy to clean components in dishwasher

Weakness: no stand. I wish they had one.

This is a very good hand blender. We tried others but none comparable to this one. This is great power and very handy to use. Most of the components are easy to wash in dishwasher. The cups and beater included with the set provide additional benefits during cooking.

By bagrawal - Jun 17, 2008

Handy blender

Strengths: Great power. Compact.

Weakness: None.

This is a very strong hand blender. We use this to make baby foods. Any cooked veggitables can be transformed into pastes in seconds. The included cup works great when only a small amount of foods needs to be processed. The blade part can be detached from the motor part, so it can be easily washed.

By mascaras1 - May 15, 2008

A Magical Little Kitchen Helper

Strengths: Good Power, Easy to Clean, Solid Construction, Nice Looking, Stainless Steel, Great Dicer Attachment

Weakness: Only one, and it was me. See review for details.

I love this product and this is my second. It is well built, attractive, easy to clean, and sturdy. It is great for blending cream soups such as pumpkin or squash while they are still cooking in the pot. I wait till the veggies get soft and then twirl around the Hand Blender and it smooths it all out. Then it rinses off very easy. People are super impressed with my soups and I blame the hand...
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By ryanyael - Feb 26, 2008

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