Cobb Premier Kitchen-In-A-Box Grill Bundle

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Charcoal Grill Premier Kitchen Bundle The Cobb's patented design allow just the right amount of oxygen into the fire chamber from small holes below the coal. This heated air is then pushed upwards to the cooking surface. However, since there are no holes in the center of the cooking surface, it is dispersed sideways creating an evenly heated cooking surface. There are no holes in the cooking surface so no fats or juices can fall directly on the coals. This makes the grill almost smokeless, while maintaining the charcoal flavor. Keeping the fats away from the food, makes for healthy cooking. - Cool to the touch outside, cooks at 450 degrees inside - Cooks for 3 hours on only 8 charcoal briquettes - Dome - Warm to the touch but won't burn - Fire Grid - Holds briquettes when in the fire chamber - Outer Casing - Cold to the touch - Enables cooking on any surface - Has rubber feet and won't slip - Designed with steel mesh to keep the heat in and the cold out - Fire Chamber - Holds fire basket - Place fire-lighters in the fire chamber to ignite the heat beads - Inner Sleeve - Pops out of base for easy cleaning - Grill Cooking Surface - Coated mild steel Includes: - Stay cool stainless steel mesh base - Stainless steel inner sleeve (moat) - Stainless steel dome cover - Charcoal fire basket - Ceramic non-stick cooking surface - Lifting fork - Heavy duty carry bag - Frying pan/skillet - Frying dish/wok - Griddle - Fenced roasting rack - Dome extended with chicken rack Materials: Disclaimer: Construction: Stainless SteelConstruction: Stainless SteelProduct usually leaves the warehouse in:3-5 DaysProduct will ship via: UPS/Fedex Ground Cobb America Cobb America CB220 Charcoal Grill Premier Kitchen Bundle: CB220 Charcoal Grill #CB220 - Grills


Product Title: Cobb Premier Kitchen-In-A-Box Grill Bundle

Manufacturer: Cobb

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