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MERV RATING: 11 Specifically Designed to Replace : Aprilaire/Space-Gard 2200 and 2250, Carrier 31MF and General AC-1 Media Replacements. 53 times more effective than fiberglass filters and will last up to 1 year. Tear Resistant Filter Material-True Blue's Polypropylene Proprietary Filter Media is produced to our exacting specifications using the finest grade synthetic fibers to ensure no tearing of filter during installation or normal use . Installs In Minutes - The attached string makes installing pleat spacers easy and trouble free. Electrostatically Charged filter media filters sub-micron airborne allergens like dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, dust mite debris, microscopic allergens, smoke and smog. During the manufacturing process, we charge the filter media with an electric current. This process allows the filter to attract very small particles much the same way magnets attract metal. The end result is a far more effective filter.


Product Title: Aprilaire True Blue Specifically Designed To Replace Aprilaire/Space-Gard Carrier And General Media Replacements M2200.1

Manufacturer: Aprilaire

Power Score: 4.9 | 7 Reviews

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Perfect fit - great price! Why pay more?

Great purchase... changed the filter in a few minutes and slept better that night. Seems to do a good job of getting rid of allergens.

By ecook19 on Home Depot - Jul 16, 2010

Great filter, great price

We paid $100 for the first replacement filter. Never again! Great product, great price.

By jhartley on Home Depot - Jun 12, 2010

Replacement Filter

The Product is very good and very easy to replace. The instructions are printed on the inside of the packing box saving paper.

By TOJO on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2008

Furnace air filter

The filter was just what I needed, it came right to my door and even with the shipping added was still less expensive than anywhere I could find it locally.

By Alan09 on Home Depot - Feb 3, 2007



By CAWDIS on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2007

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