LG LWHD8000R Window Air Conditioner

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Air Conditioner Type: Window

Green Compliance: Yes


Product Title: LG LWHD8000R Window Air Conditioner

Manufacturer: LG

Power Score: 3.3 | 17 Reviews

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Can't find a thing...

I can't find a thing wrong with this LG window unit. It cools extremely well during this dry heat wave that we're having in SC. It is very quiet and I am pleased at how little noise the compressor makes. I can't even hardly tell when it's on. Bottom line - a great deal on a fantastic product from HD!

By Conjamas on Home Depot - Jul 1, 2008

i love it!!!!!!!!!!

Strengths: sooo quiet

Weakness: none so far!!!

OMG..i just bought frigidaire 10,000btu 3 weeks ago but its sooo freaking quiet, its like there's a generator inside my room...so i decided to buy another one w/c is LG and i love ittttttt!!!!

By alexis696969 - Jun 30, 2008

surprisingly effective

this small unit lived up to my expectations. it successfully cooled a 150 sf room with high 10+ foot ceiling on a heatwave day. good: cooled the area at nighttime. the compressor was consistently on with lesser shutoffs. we even had to use blankets in our sleep. bad: unable to perform during the daytime. the compressor for some reason shuts off for 8 mins and =blows cold air for 5 mins. i dont...
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By EC2008 on Home Depot - Jun 23, 2008

Great Unit

Bought the unit because my new old house central system did not work. Low noise, cools and maintains this 800 SF South Florida cracker house at 78. It averages 90 degrees down here with 70 plus humidity. This 8000 BTU unit has plenty of power to spare. My girlfriend had to put on socks. Way to go LG/HD! Great value.

By Rockpeddler on Home Depot - Jun 22, 2008

Excellent air conditioner

Very effective air conditioner. Cools my 600 square feet living area without a problem. The onboard thermostat turns off the unit gracefully when the desired temperature is achieved. I wouldn't put this in the bedroom. It will be too powerful and you will hear it turn on and off. It's not whisper quiet, but it's not loud by any means.

By Sahil on Home Depot - Jun 15, 2008

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