LG Electronics LWHD1200FR Window Air Conditioner

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Simply turn on one of this air conditioner's three cooling speeds and relax as 11,500 BTUs go to work using 4-way Air Deflection to route cooler air where it's needed most. A simple, washable filter makes cleaning a breeze-and a sleek, modern design means it's sure to fit right in.


Product Title: LG Electronics LWHD1200FR Window Air Conditioner

Manufacturer: LG Electronics

Power Score: 5 | 13 Reviews

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Top class in every respect!

The short review if you don't care to read the body of this review. Cooling: Cools 800sqft open loft space with 20ft of 7ft high windows ( 5 out of 5 ) Construction: Built like a tank, no cheap parts (4 out of 5) Noise: This unit is very quiet but not the quietest i have ever heard (4 out of 5) This single unit replaced two very disappointing 6000btu Frigidaire units. The Fridigaires were...
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By CleanAndCool on Home Depot - Jul 4, 2009

One year old and going strong

Last year central AC went on my single wide with Carolina room addition. $4,000.00 for a new central, or get a couple of window units, hmmm... This LG is in the main room, am completely happy. Electric bill went down from the central air. It is cooler. Quiet, works very fast. And since I bought it in August, it was only @ 300 bucks. Wait until Fall to buy, save over a hundred bucks. Also, it is...
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By MyrtlBchnotYoungstown on Home Depot - Jun 27, 2009

excellent product

We put this unit in an upstairs window of our older brick home and it cools the whole upstairs (500 ft) easily. It's quiet and powerfu and I would recomment it to anyone. If they could just put it on wheels and add a couple of exhaust tubes so that it was portable, it would be perfect. But let me tell you, when it's 100 degrees here in Decatur Georgia, and that a/c unit is blowing on you while...
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By DecaturGA on Home Depot - May 20, 2009

Chill'n down.....

I purchased this unit for one of my mobile home rental units, having to wait a week for the central unit to be installed. The unit worked so good, I was disappointed that I spent $4,000 for the central A/C unit. If I would have known, I would have simply purchased two of these units and saved $3,000. To add insult to injury, my tenant also said that they preferred the window LG unit over the...
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By Bagadonuts on Home Depot - May 4, 2009

Great Product

This unit replaced an older, larger, louder, and more powerful unit (twice the BTU) that gave out on us the week before Hurrican Ike hit us. The installation was very easy and I was able to install it in under an hour. Would have been quicker but the old unit gave me trouble. It's been running nonstop during the days here in southern Mississippi without the slightest problem. The unit is very...
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By Puggydad on Home Depot - Sep 29, 2008

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