General Electric Company AEL06LP Window Air Conditioner

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Product Title: General Electric Company AEL06LP Window Air Conditioner

Manufacturer: General Electric Company

Power Score: 4.3 | 58 Reviews

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perfect for my needs

this unit is for a fully insulated 20 x 20 garage . it works just fine in cooling the garage down fast, and can put it on low and stay very comfy. great unit , perfect size -- very happy with it !!

By tigerwine on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2011

Cools fine, but noisy

This unit was purchased to replace an old bedroom unit (used in an approximately 250 square foot room), and has been in use for a few weeks now. The unit cools the space adequately and fairly quickly, but is noisy enough that it has woken us up. The unit will be intermittently rattly or the overall noise will be uneven (not just the uniform "hum" you would expect). We may end up switching this...
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By PHILA on Home Depot - Aug 22, 2011



By CHICHI on Home Depot - Aug 21, 2011

Very Satisfied with Purchase

This has been a great product and an excellent buy.

By StayingCool on Home Depot - Aug 20, 2011

auto/energy saver feature does not work

When I set the GE AEL06LP 6,300 BTU air conditioner to auto/energy saver with a fixed temperature, it works fine until the temperature is reached. Once it reaches the desired temperature, it turns off. The unit will stay off despite the fact that the room temperature goes 8 to 10 degrees higher. This is because the gauge still reads the set temperature level. If I manually turn the unit on, or...
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By db22 on Home Depot - Aug 16, 2011

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