AW08ECB8 Window Air Conditioner

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Product Title: AW08ECB8 Window Air Conditioner

Power Score: 4.2 | 5 Reviews

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Very Good Air condition of Sumsang AW08ECB8

Strengths: 1. quiet 2. Cold air 3. Very Good price for this air conditioner.

Weakness: 1. Heavy

I bought it in circuit city at $149, the price is very good.
I put this air conditioner in my living room. It is very quiet, cold air, make everyone very comfortable. The only small problem is it is little bit heavy. But I think it is normal for window air conditioner.

By zjmshopping - Jun 28, 2008

Good Value for Money

Strengths: sturdiness of construction ability to install case in window frame and then slide fan and motor into place quite strong cooling power multi-directional blowers fairly quiet

Weakness: it takes (one person) a while to install

bought this air conditioner on sale for $149 ($20 off) at and then picked it up at a store. It is fairly heavy, but it is solidly constructed. You are able to install the case in the window frame and then slide the fan and motor into place. It took about an hour-and-a-half for me to install it by myself. It took about five-to-seven minutes for the cooling to kick in after I...
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By wrightsj - Jun 22, 2008

Quality Unit for the price

Strengths: quieter operation than my older unit, great air flow and ventilation, louvered side vents, price

Weakness: takes while to cool, heavier than standard size models

Took a chance on this unit as well as a small version with very limited reviews on-line. For $130 w/ coupon from CC this unit was a steal for an 8000 btu unit. you do have to allow the unit time to cool off your room. Once on you do feel cool air and I mean you do feel it...The airflow coming from this unit is great. my wife could feel it across the room. We do still use our ceiling fan to...
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By msdtark - Jun 3, 2008

AW08ECB8 window air conditioner

Strengths: Easy to install casing makes for a better fit in the window. Cooled my large bedroom fast, it's quiet, and the remote is a plus.

Weakness: None so far; big improvement over 10 year old model being replaced.

This model works good and is an excellent price for a strong performer. Only required one person installation that took a little over an hour. I'll keep an eye out for any future sales on this model.

By strtsmrt2 - May 29, 2008

Samsung AC

Strengths: Very good price for a good quality AC unit. Doesn't quite cool my large garage well enough on it's own, I'm still using a large fan to help distribute the air. I should have went for 12k BTU+.

Weakness: Installation can take 2-3 HOURS. The unit is pretty heavy so you have to install the casing first and then slide in the innards. You need 25" width to install it properly.

It works great, I just wish I had bought a higher BTU rated model because I'm using it in my garage and it has no insulation and gets burning out in the summer. The unit is Energy Star rated and very efficient so at least the cost to run it will be quite low. Pushes out cold air with a pretty decent air flow. If you have good insulation I'd say a 200-250 sq. foot room would be chilled quite...
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By rob489 - May 18, 2008

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