5150 BTU Window/Wall Air Conditioner

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Green Compliance: No

Air Conditioner Type: Window/Wall


Product Title: 5150 BTU Window/Wall Air Conditioner

Power Score: 4.0 | 2 Reviews

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I use this unit as a supplement to...

Strengths: Compact unit will fit in small spaces and requires little support. Smaller design does not appear to effect cooling efficiency or blower capacity.

Weakness: Can only direct air left or right, not up and down

I use this unit as a supplement to a central air system in a commercial beauty salon. It served its purpose well in helping cool the 350 sq. ft styling room. The 45 degree air deflection works well for me as it directs cool air up where workers are standing. After much research on window units, I am very happy with this purchase after 3 months.

By mta007 - Oct 27, 2004

This unit is great. It is used for...

Strengths: Great Little Efficient System for a small studio or bedroom

Weakness: Mildly loud while running which could interrupt those who need total silence

This unit is great. It is used for a Maids Quarters attached to our Main Home. It cools the room down in a matter of minutes and requires little installation. Your mother could install it and lift it because its very light. But don't let the price or size fool you, its very economic on the efficiency rating scale and powerfull as those Bigen units.

By stevenrschlegel - May 13, 2004

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