13,500 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner - Black

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Air Conditioner Type: portable

Air Conditioner Power: 12001 - 15000 btu


Product Title: 13,500 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner - Black

Power Score: 3.1 | 22 Reviews

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bad news, good news

Bad news: the unit we bought on-line was a lemon. It worked for about 5 days then made a scary loud sound within 15 mns of turning it on. Good news: I brought it in to our local Home Depot (I didn't box it up) & they quickly gave me a refund. The people who helped were great & even transferred it from the car to the store for me.

By cjrr on Home Depot - Jul 7, 2010

too much water and not cooling

I bought this before the summer and what a mistake. First is was the water filling up every hour, now it keeps tripping my breaker. If I could return it and get a different brand I would. I have 1 that is another brand and I do not have to empty the water and it does not trip the breaker Both are 13500 BTU.

By arnielion on Home Depot - Jul 7, 2010

Keeping cool in RI

This AC works well. I have moved it from room to room and it has kept in the cool air even during this past heat wave. If it works on a day that is 100 degrees than you know it will work on any day. It even kept my double polar cool which is fairly large given that it is really two rooms in one. It is very easy to use, doesn't need to be filled with water and you just put a pan under it to drain...
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By MaryAnnT on Home Depot - Jul 7, 2010

Best for my odd situation, but lacking...

Performance was fine, and draining is not a problem. It cools and dehumidifies my 375 sq ft garage workshop. I am through wall ducting it. It works well considering the minimal insulation (as in none) in the walls, and only roll up doors and ceiling being insulated. For the BTU rating I expected more cooling performance. The fan is insufficient to move the cooled air around the space this machine...
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By Dave3006 on Home Depot - Jun 28, 2010

Scary Machine

Packaging was good and fairly easy to put together but I had to do some work to vent the two hoses properly. We finally got a humid day to give a good try. It wasn't really doing a very good job of cooling our area. Then, the worst of all, after it ran for several minutes it started shuddering violently and making a load rattlling noise. It would stop making the noise and shaking while it was...
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By rmk1717 on Home Depot - Jun 28, 2010

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