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Contact Us Makes Bottom-Line Costs Clear for Shoppers

Zip-code triggered, shipping and sales-tax loaded 'prices' make it easy for shoppers to choose the best on-line deal

Los Angeles, CA, November 8, 1999, LLC (, the company that adds intelligence to e-shopping, announced today that it has raised the standard for online shoppers' comparison Web sites.'s new BottomLinePrice feature lets shoppers calculate what their final purchase price will be for any product, across multiple vendors, taking into account the add-on variables of shipping, handling and sales tax. BottomLinePrice is just what its name conveys.

"Shoppers come to to save themselves the hassle of individual product and vendor searches," said Tamim Mourad, PriceGrabber's vice president of marketing. "The new BottomLinePrice feature lets shoppers finish the job. In combination with the comparative pricing information - including the retail price quote for each online vendor and a wholesale reference price - that provides, shoppers have literally all of the information they need to make a decision. PriceGrabber puts shoppers just a click away from making the purchase from the lowest overall priced vendor."

Shipping, handling and sales tax charges vary widely depending upon the location of the vendor and the purchaser, as well as on vendor policies. While other shopper comparison Web sites provide simplified freight estimates, they are just that - estimates - and none roll-in sales tax calculation. In order to make a final decision on where the best value lies, all of these costs have to be considered. is the first and only comparison-shopping site to provide this key functionality. shoppers need only enter their delivery zip code, and BottomLinePrice returns the final, fully-burdened cost of purchase, by vendor, saving the shopper the task of visiting multiple vendor sites to check shipping fees or worse, choosing the lowest priced vendor, and finding out later that the apparent bargain was eclipsed by handling fees and sales tax.

Real World Example: BottomLinePrice uncovered the best deal recently for customers shopping for a popular palmtop computer. The initial PriceGrabber search for the PalmIIIX returned a 'best price' deal of $209.85. Then, entering a Los Angeles zip code and putting BottomLinePrice to work, PriceGrabber showed that freight and sales tax for Los Angeles delivery from that 'best price' vendor brought the final cost to $236.70. However, the retailer whose PalmIIIX had ranked fifth in the retail 'best price' ranking showed the best bottom-line price at $219.95 - BottomLinePrice presented the best final cost to shopper, uncovering a bargain that other shopper tools would have missed.

After one month of successful live testing, is convinced that this new feature, BottomLinePrice, provides outstanding benefit to online shoppers - and the shoppers are convinced as well, according to the following user comments posted to's User Feedback forum: offers the best online shopping experience. Our unique shopping site offers extensive inventory at the lowest prices by comparing products, product reviews and merchant deals for all of your shopping needs. Browse thousands of popular brands, hot products, featured deals and find exactly what you want at discount prices. Shopping online has never been easier!